Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

"Eileen Bergman didn’t just help me tackle the clutter...With no judgment, she taught me efficient strategies for filing papers away and letting go of my sentimental attachment to stuff." - A.P. 

1.  You are surrounded by "stuff" that is undermining your ability to make important decisions about your life.

2.  You are saving someone else's baggage to please them or their memory.

3.  You find yourself delaying important decisions because you are overwhelmed with the clutter in your life.

4.  You are embarrassed or ashamed to entertain family or friends in your home.

5.  You feel that your clutter is holding you back from enjoying your life and thwarting your ability to move forward with plans that will bring you joy.

6.  You are consistently late for meetings and appointments because you cannot get yourself organized, dressed, and out the door on time.

7.  You cringe when your mail is delivered because the piles of paper are so overwhelming.

8.  You avoid picking up friends for lunch dates because you use your car as a storage locker.