Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of organizing projects do I specialize in?

With my background in business and my  personal / family organizing experience, I am comfortable working in either space (home or office), helping you turn chaos into order.

I have a keen interest in helping people in my age group who are thinking ahead to where they want to live, as well as dealing with their parents who may be in transition.  

Can I describe my organizing approach?

Professional organizing is a collaborative process between the organizer and the  Client.  During our initial phone intake call and face to face meeting, we will determine the best method of working together based on your personal goals and requirements.  

You are not expected to straighten up your space prior to my first visit.  It is best if I can see how you currently work, live, and function.  

I have tried to get organized before, how will this time be different?

Organizing is an intimate process that requires on-going dialogue...you and me...in your home or office...dealing with each obstacle one by one.  I will answer your questions and address your concerns with honest answers and recommendations.

My commitment to you...no judgment, no comparisons, no forced decisions.  Just respectful guidance and a transferring of my organizing knowledge and expertise to you.